Artist's Statement

The figurative ceramic sculpture that I create explores our shared human experience, especially the quiet struggles and obstacles that are an inevitable part of our existence.  Some of our biggest battles are internal and self-imposed such as trying to come to terms with our individual shortcomings and inner demons.  Recurring themes includes alienation, the search for self-fulfillment, and the dynamics of human relationships. The figures in my sculpture often struggle to make sense of a confusing world and the events around them, usually with a mixed degree of success.

In my latest body of work, I have begun to incorporate and explore the imagery, symbols, and rituals that speak to growing up in the Mississippi Delta with all of the richness and complexity associated with the Bible Belt, including themes of religion, race relations, and social mores. I enjoy looking for and making connections between seemingly disparate situations or events.  There is something almost mythical about the deep south that is every bit as powerful, dark, comic and universal as a Greek tragedy or a Shakespearean comedy.